Experience the love of God through the love of Barbecue

Barbecue Church will create inspiring biblical content and provide inspiring life lessons through the canvas of all things barbecue with the Word of God acting as the paint brush. We will act as a network and platform to create a welcome inspiring space for the recipes of life's journey. This church experience seeks to reach people that may never walk into a church but are looking to be fed. We aspire to feed people biblically, spiritually, and literally. Once people are fed and they learn how to cook, they have the tools to go and feed others. 

You can eat with us!


My name is Andre Anderson. I've been in ministry for over 20 years. I started smoking food a few years ago and got hooked. God placed it on my heart to launch a virtual church experience that would look different than most churches.


No matter where you are on your faith journey or what you’ve been through, you have a place at Barbecue Church. I pray that you would make great food, that God would show up in your life and that you would find healing and peace. 

    -Andre Anderson


Thank you for stopping by our website. As you can probably tell, we aren't your typical "Church" and we love that! We want to provide content that helps people in multiple ways. Most importantly, we want to help you in your relationship with God. We understand the reluctance to attend a physical church service and those feelings can be connected to some very real pain and experiences. 


I thought about the amount of women who go to church when their husbands don't. I thought about the people who are searching or have been hurt and need a way to reconnect and move forward in their relationship with God. My heart is to connect people to Jesus through food and relationships.


We want to help you move forward in your relationship with God and heal from those old wounds. We want to be a safe place with great content that helps you in the kitchen, at the smoker and in your everyday life.


We believe life change happens in the context of relationships. If you don't have a church home, now you do. If you have a local church you attend and you are here for more barbecue content, welcome! You are a still a part of the Barbecue Church family! We believe in churches working together to reach more people!


We are so glad you are here! We pray that God would do great work in you and that your relationship with Him would grow stronger everyday.


Y'all be safe, Praise God.

Welcome to Barbecue Church.



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